#CFHE12 #Oped12 Who stole my COW? Who stole my MOOC?

Who stole my cow?

mooc download (101)

What is COW? Cow stands for Course of WOW!  A MOOC.

WOW is the favorite word used by Tom Peters where he has written a book WOW!  “Peters now urges managers to go for “Wow!”, and encourages advanced eccentricity: “crazy” management.  But behind the show-biz approach there lies a sane idea: that managers need provocation, however wild it may appear, to jerk them out of established, ineffective ways, and to galvanize their businesses.” (Tom Peters, 2000, page 88)

Cogdog writes about cheese not a thing.

Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my CHEESE?

Who stole my MOOC?   It seems that all xMOOCs and cMOOCs are bound by certain Copy Rights, or Creative Commons, so don’t copy PLEASE!

Disclaimer: I have no intention of copying any “copyrighted” artifacts here in this post. Please also note that the word “stole” is used only literally here as a parody, not a legal sense.


7 thoughts on “#CFHE12 #Oped12 Who stole my COW? Who stole my MOOC?

  1. Hi Ken,
    You reminded me of this word: poppycock “http://www.learnersdictionary.com/search/nonsense” that my professor once said in the late 70s. That’s the biggest challenge that I ever had, to think and reflect what it means, literally. May be that is the difference in Western and Eastern philosophy. Nonsense means making no sense, and no sense makes me think. What do you think?

  2. “The moon is made of green cheese – either it is or it isn’t. It isn’t – therefore it is.” This piece of nonsense quoted by my maths teacher (in the late 50s!) still makes me think – no idea why!

  3. Hi Gordon,
    The moon is never made of green cheese. I borrowed the cheese story, re-mix and re-purpose it, and posted it here. MOOC is all about changes, and so is the cheese story.

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