#CFHE12 #Oped12 What drew you to the academic profession?

Having read this very interesting paper on The Australian Academic profession in transition, I am wondering what it means to be an academic professional.  If you are an educator in HE or VET, what drew you to an academic profession?

I found the key findings and implications on p11 & 12 useful for reflection.

In this Aspects of academic work that drew respondents to the profession (p29), the survey findings revealed the following aspects:

1. Opportunities for intellectually stimulating work

2. Genuine passion for a field of study

3. Opportunity to contribute to developing new knowledge

4. Autonomy and control over working life

5. Opportunities to research, write and publish

6. Chance to work in a supportive and collegial environment

7. Passion for teaching

Passion for teaching was on the 7th place that drew people to the profession.  Would that explain why teaching is still conceived as less rewarding to any other aspects of work?  If MOOCs is all about teaching, I am afraid that not too many academics would be that keen in doing so, unless those first 6 aspects of work are fulfilled in the MOOCs.

Is this applicable to the academics in other countries of the world?  Teaching is a noble profession, though it is still considered to be less fulfilling as revealed in these surveys.  What a pity!

What do you think?


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