Do people love change?

Yes, argues Tim in his post on change.

What sorts of changes do people love?

People would love to change, based on those changes for the better, not worse, at least personally.  My observation is: people would only change for reasons, though those reasons may not be that obvious to us.

There are always emotions attached to any changes, whether such changes relate to our study, relationship, marriage, health, or our career etc.

For instance, we would likely embrace changes which could improve our health conditions, once we realized that we have some health problems or issues.  These might be revealed in medical check-ups.

We would more likely change our life style if we are not satisfied with the existing living or working conditions.

The choice that we have is: change.

Change management provides an interesting story of experiment on change, and the author concludes that “the experiment is a vivid reminder of organizational inertia and can explain why it’s hard to introduce change to large groups.”

Who moved my cheese is a good story to learn from, where I have posted here.  Change, change management and transformation has become a part of our life, where we all need to respond, or adapt to.

Do people love change?  May be, if that would lead to a better life for them.

What change strategies have you adopted in respond to your internal or external calls for change?  Which strategies were useful to you?

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