#MOOCMOOC A story that needs your help to complete

I know this second day of MOOCMOOC is about learning – on how we learn.

Here is my learning:

Relating to “Nor did I think that the term MOOC had any staying power” I wonder if the word power is what makes this “education revolution” sounds interesting.

May I share this metaphor (as a story)? We are all like viewing and participating in a play/opera on the stage.

Traditionally such play/opera were organised by professionals, and done in theaters. If you want to watch the play/opera, you got to pay, and attend at specific times in theatres.

Just a few years ago, someone thought that we could run a play/opera by offering it free to anyone, without any conditions of entry, and that any one could play a part in the “director, performer, designer, and even actor or audience.” What a wonderful idea!

Who didn’t want to be a performing star, or better still a rock-star performing on the stage, like Gangnam Style performers?

Some would like to be the directors of the play/opera, whilst others would just like to watch and comment. Many of “us”, together with the “directors” were interested in organising and playing different roles in the play/opera, though we might not know what the play turned out to be, whether it would be welcomed and accepted by the audience.

Then, the formal play organizers found this out, and decided to put on a spectacular, inaugural show, with appointed directors, performers, actors etc. Now, this turned the game back to the “traditional play opera” where the only performers are the professional rock stars, though anyone coming in to the theater could watch for free.

You could imagine what happens next. Could you please help in filling in the next part of the story?  That’s my learning with you 🙂