Disruptive pedagogy and technology

Here is a well researched paper on Disruptive pedagogy and technology in universities.

Universities have been viewed as institutions generating new knowledge.  The importance of research informing teaching practice has also been regarded as one of the distinguishing features of universities as higher education institutions from other colleges, such as community colleges, technical and further education colleges.  This is fundamental and important, so as to understand why universities are still considered to be the breeding ground of new and emerging knowledge, with budding scientists, engineers, artists, philosophers and scholars.

The high tuition costs and traditional pedagogy based on didactic teaching (lectures), and the advances in technology and OER have led people to believe that we should aim to transform education through the application of new technology and pedagogy, in order to ensure that education provided is cost effective and pedagogically sound, to meet the needs of the students and society.

Is the pedagogy for adults and universities similar to those applied in K-12?  What sort of pedagogy is used in K-12?  No doubt that an instructivist approach has been adopted and permeated from K-12 through to university, at both undergraduate and graduate levels for many decades. In this post relating to standardised testing, it seems that the basic behavioral approach in shaping our next generation of education might need to be challenged:

We need to prepare our students for a world we ourselves cannot yet comprehend, and in that manner, we must teach them first and foremost to explore and think without fear, reason and question without tiring, and report their ideas and findings to others in a way that enhances collaboration.

The new criteria of value for academia, private business, public service, and the arts is the ability to ask the right kinds of questions; this leads to the creative use of information, identifying patterns and relationships, and communicating process and results in an effective manner.

To hone that ability, we need to understand that playing should be an integral component of education. We need to teach our students to enjoy the process and progression that leads to deep understanding of scientific concepts and historical perspectives. Information isn’t the same as intelligence. Information is cheap. Understanding is priceless. And no standardized test can truly teach that.

Should playing be an integral component of education?  MOOC is already viewed as a game changer where many MOOCers are dancing and playing around in various platforms and media, in response to the MOOC stage play.

How would play help in improving education?  We may have realized that education without fun is “lifeless”, though education with too much fun could become an entertainment.

Should our future educators be entertainers too?

Would MOOC be introduced into our formal education system for k-12?  May be not yet, as it is too risky, as perceived by the stakeholders and education authorities.

Finally, online education is on the rise, with ubiquitous MOOCs filling in the space.  This tidal wave of MOOC would soon be sweeping through the k-12, and so let’s just wait and see.    If it comes, it won’t be millions of students engaged, but tens of millions on board.  The initiative -inbloom-wants-to-transform-education-by-unleashing-its-data is paving the way.  I don’t know how disruptive this would be to the current education system, but it fits perfectly well to the model of disruptive technology.

Are people ready for an emerging education model of education?

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