What are the merits and limitations of sharing under an openness regime?

We are who we are, and I am who I am.  Sounds familiar to you?

If I want to share, what are the merits and limitations?  Should I self-censure? Should I share openly about what I think?  Are there any protocols that I should consider or follow when sharing?  What does it mean when I share openly in social networks and virtual community?   What is my online or virtual identity?  Should I use my real name or pseudo-name?

Here in a post on what not to share – digital professionalism by Dr. Sarah-Louise Quinnell provides some good guidelines.  She shared her thoughts about how dancing has helped her to shift perspectives.  

There are certain topics that may be too sensitive to share openly when blogging.  This post illustrates the issues when one shares openly, that could be interpreted as “crossing the line” in the criticism.  Doctors remain silent by Barry hinted why doctors may be extremely cautious in making comments on blogs or public. Is it worthwhile to take risks in creating posts and making comments in an open space and social media?  This makes me wonder!

Openness is both an attitude and practice embraced by individuals and scholars, and this relates to our virtual and online identity and scholarship.  Could one be exercising with professional judgment without compromising one’s integrity when openness is practiced in social networking?

There are issues relating to copyright and intellectual property.  As an amateur blogger, it is important to understand the principles of defamation, intellectual property infringement and privacy (see this on Blogging and other Social Media).  “In theory, two authors could create identical works and each separately own copyright in the works they create provided they work wholely independently and do not copy each others’ work.”

In summary, there are merits, demerits and risks when sharing in social media, networks and in an open space, through blogging, twitter, Facebook, and Google + etc..  It is imperative to observe and beware of the protocols and limits in our posting of ideas or thoughts openly, especially when there are legal implications when our posts may be crossing the line, in breaching of copyrights, intellectual property, or defamation.

One could be accountable for what one has written, spoken or shared in social media, forums and blogs.  We could be subject to scrutiny by law in the same way as that in real life situation.

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