Learning Analytics on MOOCs

There hasn’t been much learning analytics or statistics from xMOOCs.

Here is a paper on Learning Analytics by Doug Clow.  There are some interesting patterns relating to the dropout issue of MOOCs – with an attrition based on funnel participation.

Another blog post providing some useful statistics and analytics on a xMOOC, and an excellent review on the xMOOC delivered by Tucker Balch.

Tucker might be one of the MOOC instructors who have surveyed and analysed the feedback from the participants of MOOCs.  It is a great piece of work, in providing an overview of learners’ views and experience in such a xMOOC.

It sounds like a lot of work still needs to be done, in order to improve the course design and delivery.  However, with a teacher-centred approach towards MOOCs, it would be a challenge to cater for students coming from a diverse background.

The old motto still applies to MOOC: If you try to please everyone, you please no one in MOOCs (in particular xMOOCs).  I also doubt if there is a “best” MOOC as you could never satisfy everyone taking a MOOC, no matter how hard you try.

The only exception is: if the learner develops his/her own MOOCs, that is perfectly matching one’s needs.  Could that happen?  Yes, that is the basis of PLE, though it is not called a MOOC.

It is interesting to learn that the instructional design was assisted by Fatima Wirth, Ph.D.