How to build excellence in our school system?

A wonderful and powerful talk on how to improve our school system.

Helping students to succeed, and for the students to excel so as to prepare them for the future world is a fundamental goal of education.  Education, however links with investment a government made on its citizen, the building of infrastructure of holistic education system where everyone would be encouraged to excel and achieve their full potential.  We also need to have a strong support, empowerment, and development of educators in the education system.    We need passionate educators also to build up a great education system, apart from the administrators and technical support that are also the pillars of education.

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3 thoughts on “How to build excellence in our school system?

  1. Dedicated, passionate educators. True, but bearing in mind today’s reality for many educators, passion and dedication sometimes run thin.

    On the other hand, if there is no passion or dedication, what is the point in being an educator?

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