A short MOOC: You are invited

I have posted below on ConnectivismEducationLearning FB Community:
Dear colleagues, Would you be interested in presenting a short video, slideshow, a blog post of interest? You might like to nominate the topic. There are many topics – the x and cMOOC, learning experiences with MOOCs, pedagogy with MOOCs, role of educators and learners in an online environment, OER, digital citizenship, digital scholarship, critical literacy, mobile technology and learning, social media experience – blogging, twitter, Google +, etc. This could be a few minutes (3-5 min) presentation with video on Youtube, slideshare, or chatting over FB, Twitter, or Google Hangout etc. What I would suggest is: any of our members could facilitate the session, so far if we could keep it interesting, informal, engaging and interactive, that would be wonderful. We are all busy people, but if you would like to share something that really interest you and others, then would it be nice if we could have a short MOOC within our Community?
In Summary:
1. A short “unevent” – where we could organise to be held in a day or two.
2. A list of topics of choice – say on 4-5 topics.
3. No particular format – any format that would suit your needs, even a common chat could do (twitter, or this FB, or Google Hangout, or Google chat) or asynchronous posting of blogs, or this FB postings.
4. Time: what suits you most, taken time zone into consideration.
5. Links to the different MOOCs – edMOOCs, mobiMOOCs or an adhoc MOOC that you would like to organise.

Finally, we would surely have great success, as it is designed by you (us), and for you (and us). Please share your thoughts on this.


Design of a logo and a badge

If you like, please help in designing a logo and a badge for this short MOOC event.   We would ask our Community to decide which ones to use.

We would post the logo and badge as part of the brand to this MOOC event.  So, it is a connective and collective design of the Community. The wisdom of the CROWD.  That’s YOU.

Here is the Google Plus ConnectivismEducationLearning (CEL) Community.

Image: A Map of the Internet (Google)

Map of internet AK38c


The Challenges of MOOCs – Part 1

This post is intended to share my views on the challenges of MOOCs.

Photo credit: Google Image

mooc download (2)

Here is a glimpse of xMOOCs (not all are MOOCs)

Here are some resources on the development of xMOOCs.

What are the major challenges with these xMOOCs?

Challenge 1

A difference in use and expectation of the pedagogy by the professor and learners.  Pedagogy of xMOOC – mooc-pedagogy-the-challenges-of-developing-for-coursera. The recent incident professor-leaves-a-mooc-in-mid-course-in-dispute-over-teaching well illustrates this.

I have shared my views on pedagogy on MOOCs here and here.  On openness rather than scale in MOOC.

Research paper
Making Sense of MOOCs: Musings in a Maze of Myth, Paradox and Possibility
20120925 MOOCs paper

Challenge 2

Problem with the use of technology and social media in the course.  Here  coursera-forced-call-mooc-amid-complaints-about-course.

Challenge 3

Open platform where discussion and discourse escalated into heated arguments and disputes.  This incidence where the professor left the MOOC revealed the nature of the disputes

Challenge 4

Cheating and plagiarism

Challenge 5

Identity of students.

Comment: Identity verification.

Challenge 6

Drop out problem.  MOOC and the funnel of participation.

Challenge 7

Quality of MOOCs

Challenge 8

Business model of MOOC and the revenue. Coursera expansion of their MOOCs -coursera-adds-29-schools-90-courses-and-4-new-languages-to-its-online-learning-platform.  How-EdX-Plans-to-Earn.

Comment: I would reflect on each of the 8 challenges and how to tackle them in coming posts.