An important question in my life: How do I see positive psychology?

Positive psychology.  Sounds good. Feels good. Have a happy life.  Happiness is contagious.

What do I feel about psychology?  I like learning psychology since I was young.  So, I kept reading self-help books on psychology, watching videos, especially on emotional intelligence, and some papers on psychology.

Have a good habit, think and reflect, and improve one’s way of life through understanding positive psychology, and the thoughts and minds of myself and others.  Would you become happier?

Since psychology is a science, it requires an experimental approach to validate its hypothesis and confirmation of findings.

“But” psychology is about experiments.    And I have reservation of using human in experiments, no matter how much the findings would contribute to the knowledge in the world, I just don’t know if the emotions and feelings of people should be studied by psychologists without our consent.

Should all subjects under experimental observation be aware that they are under a psychological experiment?  Why?

What am I trying to share?  Being positive and happy could be proven to be of psychological benefits to ourselves and to others.  I just don’t think it is “right” to use human as experimental object to prove the theory, especially when these people are totally unaware of themselves being studied in the experiments.

Would this be applied to the study of people’s behavior in education too?  I know we are dealing with Learning Analytics and psychology, and the changing learning behavior under a “global” experiment.  I don’t know what it means to me when it comes to the validation of certain education theory.  May be we could assume that every one of us is consenting to be used as experimental objects, in order to learn more about learning.

Does it also relate to our positive psychology?

What do you think?