Do we know what we should teach or learn in the future?

Teach our children coding, that is the message of these video presentations.

There are various free courses, including coding by Codecademy and Scratch by MIT.  See this review on Scratch.

Sounds interesting.

My questions are:

1. What do “we” want to achieve with teaching how to code?

2. What do the children want to achieve by learning how to code?

3. Are we determining what the children need to learn for their future?

4. What are the actual needs in business in the future?  Are all workers merely “coders”, or should they be more than coders?

For me, I love coding, but I don’t play a lot of games.  I see games as part of the learning, especially for our new generation.  Do we really want to “push” our children to learn coding, just because we want them to learn them so they could get a better job in the future?

Do we really know what to teach in preparation of the new generations in the future?  Did we remember that we (at least for me) once learnt all the programming and coding, but then they soon have gone obsolete after a few years?  Who could still remember the DB (Database II), Multiplan, Wordstar, or DOS?  Are they still important, or relevant?

May be, we need to learn new tools, new codes from time to time to keep up with the changing landscape of the industry.  What we learn today in coding might only be useful when the technology is still used in ten or twenty years’ time.  Do you know what technology be used in the future?

A good example to illustrate why updating our learning is important  is MOOCs. Would MOOCs be still there in a decade’s time?

My conclusion is that learning how to code is important in order to prepare us to cater for the future’s needs, but that is not good enough.  What is most important is to be aware of what we need to know and learn, and thus keep up-to-date in our life-long quest for learning.  Coding is just a means to a never -ending goal, and is not the only one that we should learn.  The MOOCs phenomenon well illustrate why we might also need to look at the big picture of education and learning, not just learning a particular skill – like coding, with a limited mindset.

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