Reading and Study Habits

Thanks to Fabian for this post.  Here is the related post on coursesmart-e-textbooks-track-students-progress-for-teachers.

“The possibilities of harm are tremendous if teachers are naïve enough to think these scores mean anything for the vast majority of students,” Professor Dede said.

CourseSmart says the data it collects now is a beginning. “We’ll ultimately show how the student traverses the book,” Mr. Devine said. “There’s a correlation and causality between engagement and success.”

Interesting. Such tool could be useful if we use it wisely. The main concerns still lie with privacy, confidentiality, security and autonomy of students. Should professors intervene after knowing about students’ habits. To what extent should students’ habits be “studied”, without their consent? What are the ethical issues here? Should education be “neutral” in the imposition of certain “valued” habits, or should students be offered with choice or advice if they want them only?


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