The Learning as a Network Theory by Chatti

This ‘The Learning as a Network Theory (LaaN Theory)’ by Chatti provides an excellent overview of various learning theories, together with the introduction of LaaN Theory and how it could be used to help learners build and nurture their Personal Knowledge Networks.

Chatti explains:

The major role of LaaN is to help learners build and nurture their Personal Knowledge Networks and to foster connections between different PKNs in order to form a complex, adaptive, dynamic, open, and living entity; i.e. a knowledge ecology.

The primary focus of LaaN is mainly on the learner and her PKN and complex network learning is the type of learning best explained by LaaN.

Chatti further elaborates on the differences of each of the learning theories – Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Social Constructivism, Communities of Practice, Activity Theory and Actor Network Theory, and how each of them differs from the LaaN Theory.


[PDF] The LaaN Theory

MA Chatti – … , Networks, and Knowledge, G. Siemens, S. …, 2012 –
99 days ago – One of the core issues in Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is the
personalization of the learning experience. It is widely recognized that effective and efficient
learning need to be individualized–personalized and learner-controlled (cf. Attwell, 2007;