The Future of Education

There are some interesting concepts discussed in the video “The Future of Education”:

Here are some notes:

1. Quality online education is identified with:

  • Interaction
  • Community
  • Customization (whereas another way would be Personalization)

2. Online Education is not just about MOOCs.

3. What is the value added in classes and in universities?

Consider 1. One on one or one on five tutoring, 2. Engaged tutorials in internship, 3. Connecting students with global opportunities

What is special about lectures?

Lectures involve dialogues between professor and students, with professor challenging their students’ assumptions, and teaching of critical thinking skills.

4. How much time has been spent in providing background information in a lecture?  If half of the time is spent in providing information in a lecture, would it be better if the students are asked to spend their time in watching online video lectures before coming to lecture?  This would allow more time in discussion, interaction, and assessment activities during the lesson or tutorial with the professors and Teaching Assistants.

You will find some interesting ideas discussed in the presentation.

There are points that I do agree, though also some other points that I still have my doubts on.  This relates on the Future of MOOCs.

I would leave it to you to make your judgment for the rest of the video presentation.


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