How about this session on Creativity?  Have you attended such kind of session?  I think I have attended a few, and I used some of the ideas in my class too.

Creativity could be one of the most enjoyable experience one has as I have shared it here.  Creativity could be experienced in various spaces, not only in the classroom, but in blogging, twittering, social networking on FB, Google +, and communities.

Creativity could be a personal experience though, especially when one is an introvert.

 Here are some ideas that you may find interesting, at around 11:00 onwards.

City never dies, but organizations would hardly exist after a few decades.  Why?

My reflection: As an organization grows bigger, bureaucracy creeps in, and that might easily “kill” off creativity, or sometimes with risk aversion, leading to a resistance in trying new ideas, innovation, that may lead to failures.

People are generally creative, only that most are bound by the rules and regulations that would limit the creative application of those ideas.  So, may I suggest?  Training on creativity, fine. Development on creativity, great.  However, without having a nurturing creative environment at work or within personal space for one to contribute and participate, creativity would not grow and develop.

On the positive side, creativity is what we could also embrace and practise even on a daily basis.  In this creative people at work: Creative people commit themselves to creative tasks.  They hope to make some change in the sum of human knowledge and experience. (p.8)   “Serious creative work does take a long time.”  So true.

How would you apply such creativity concept to the current MOOC movement?  Is creativity fostered in MOOCs?



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