Finally it is coming, and coming fast!

Yes, Coursera is now taking up the teacher education as it expands its MOOCs “Coursera moves beyond universities and into K-12 with 12 new institutions and 28 free courses for teachers

The massive open online course (MOOC) provider is expanding beyond university courses by offering 28 teaching courses for free, with more to come.

Coursera says it wants to create a hub of teacher professional development courses aimed at providing teachers, parents, and anyone else who teaches with “the tools and skills to help build stronger education systems.” In true MOOC spirit, all the courses are available online to anyone interested.

As anticipated, this is the strategy adopted by the MOOC providers to expand and diversify their reach to all areas of education, ranging from k-12 to tertiary and Higher Education.  I have shared my views here and so far I have some reservations as to whether “we are ready for it or not”.

The greatest impact of such MOOCs on the k-12 education could be all public education would soon be falling under the hub-spoke sort of education system, where teachers would likely fall into the teacher-assistants supporting the super-rockstar professors or video lectures (as posted by various educators and providers), with the “flip-classroom” considered as best practice.

To what extent would this allow for autonomy and creativity of individual teachers, professors and educators to develop and customize their teaching and learning for the learners?  May be the lesson plan would be based on the MOOCs, and then teachers would be expected to execute the curriculum as prescribed by the standardized MOOCs.

I have anticipated the whole new picture of MOOCs in this K-12 scenarios, where more charter and academies would be set up in conjunction with MOOCs to lower the cost of education.  Finally, it would be MOOCs for all education, and then, the post-MOOCs would emerge.

Sounds like disruptive innovation is the future of education.

As shared in this post, which relates to Clayton’s suggestion of the Innovator’s Dilemma:

The Innovator’s Dilemma as you might know outlines how companies with historically successful products and market share will be disrupted and beaten unless they are innovative again and again.

It is interesting to note that finally “revolution” in education comes from the investment from Venture Capitalists, together with the pioneers of xMOOCs.

Would these have been changed if cMOOCs have got the financial support from Venture Capitalists and institutions back in 2008?  That would be another fictitious story that may change the history.

In conclusion, MOOCs are now ubiquitous, morphing into the k-12 and teacher education.  It is deciding the future of education, at least at the moment, given the support from MOOC providers, elite Higher Education Institutions, and the Venture Capital investment providers and various private providers.



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