More universities joining MOOCs

I am not surprised at all with more universities joining MOOCs (xMOOCs).

See this.  What are the implications? As shared in my posts here and here.

There are further opportunities in building education models where quality of education and learning experience are co-constructed and co-created by multiple networks of institutions and communities and networks, with a consortium of MOOCs like edXUdacityCoursera or the UK Open Learn initiative.

In summary, MOOC could be an opportunistic education model and platform where the four opportunities are identified – through the shifting into new and emergent education and business model, pedagogy, innovation in media and technology, and the re-bundling of value propositions.

I would speculate the coming 5 years to be the most heated competition (both collaboration and consortium) among the Education Supply and Demand Chains (MOOCs super chains) ever in the history of Education in Centuries.

I would have to re-write my BIG BANG theory of online education with MOOCs as they evolve, when new blend of theory of education and learning emerges.


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