Authentic Learning with projects

Does it sound familiar to you?  This may be new in the Western world.   Or is it new?

This prompted me of my learning back decades ago.  In my second year of Polytechnic University Engineering studies, I spent the whole semester (half a year) learning and working in the factory workshop, doing similar to what this girl was doing, though I was to produce objects based on drawings, with machining, and numerous engineering projects.

Learning could be fun, when working on projects of one’s interest.

It is however a different type of learning, when learning in a workshop or factory environment, as it requires much more than the knowledge of mathematics and technology.

Remember Taylorism?  And the scientific management principles, where efficiency and effectiveness is the golden rule to achieving best performance in factory.

For those of you who have worked in years in factories, you would surely know what are most important skills at work.  These include team working, communication, information and communication technology, interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical thinking and creative thinking, and leadership skills etc.

Nevertheless, that is the authentic personal learning with projects.  A good start for teenagers!