MOOCs and Global Classroom

What is a MOOC?

Will Massively Open Online Courses Transform the Way We Learn?

Do we have a global classroom with MOOCs?  

I think there are huge potential in having globalized education as I have shared here in my previous post.

Globalisation of higher education needs to be considered under the context of glocalisation – Look at the big picture, the big global forest, but act locally to contextualize the education to suit the needs and vision of the communities, with the local citizens in mind.  Learn globally and act locally, and be connected to the international communities.

Deakin University will be launching its first MOOC as a test bed.

Is the future of MOOC certain or uncertain?

“MOOCs may not be free forever, at least not all of them,” Selber cautioned. “People are trying to figure out business models that can support their design and delivery. They’re an expensive proposition if approached seriously.” The hope of their proponents is that MOOCs will democratize education.

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As I said in my previous post: Is MOOC a threat to quality education, especially at public universities? When MOOCs reach a critical mass, where students would accept and prefer to learn through the free open course, rather than going to pay for a course, then it is/could be.


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