My favorite university, passion and vision

This is the first blog post that relates to my University Education experience.  I am too eager to share with you.

If you ask me what my favorite university is, I would say University of Hong Kong (HKU), where I graduated in the 90s with my Masters Degree.

I have always dreamed of studying in University when I was young, and I love studying.  When I grew up,  I realized that one of my passions was to dedicate my life to work and learn with people, in industry and education.

It had been more than two decades now since my graduation with HKU, so there has been lots of changes in education and learning happening in the University, though I could still recall some of the footprints and hall-marks left behind.

University education is not just about content knowledge.  It extends far beyond it, by cultivating our intellectual and moral capacity, so we could become independent, autonomous and critical thinkers, valued team leaders, builders, and players, and most important of all, be an active citizen who would endeavor to shape and change for a better world.  This could all be achieved by applying such knowledge we have developed via University education in the business and services of community and society at large, and in contributing to the social capital both at a local and international level.

So, now you see why I still love the University and University Education.  It is the door which would allow people to open up the opportunities, towards their dreams and aspirations.  It is surely a worthwhile pathway, that would open up your eyes, hearts and minds in personal and professional development.   And I never give up in sharing this message with my students.

You ask (for knowledge, experience), and you would be given, if you are passionate about what you are asking for.  That’s what University could likely give you.  Have you asked?  I did.

My vision

My vision is to follow my passion, as a Catholic and a learner, to engage in education and learning in a lifetime, to help myself and others in pursuing the dreams and passion, and to lead a fulfilling life that could contribute personally and community wise.

2 thoughts on “My favorite university, passion and vision

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  2. I truly believe for students to become better learners we need to better educate the educators. We can affect a greater and more lasting change in education . So we need better Teach.

    Thinks for this. Awesome post. So many good things i learn from it.

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