Another post on MOOCs

Interesting to read another post on MOOCs.

Great, having short video lectures, quizzes, meet-ups, assignment, tests and examinations.

What would you add or change when it comes to truly innovative education?

If you were the professors of the course, what changes would you like to make in these structure?

I have been thinking many other ways of reaching the interested audience and students, NOT by video, NOT by quizzes, NOT by tests.  By what? If you were the expert with MOOCs that work, please tell us and share!

Think about how your students are most attracted or interested in networks, in communities and in classes.  Ask why they are excited, interested.  Think about yourself as a student.  How and what would you be interested, and why?

As shared in many posts and experts, don’t tell, tell, tell, but ask, ask, ask, as students nowadays are attracted to the course, not because of the course content only, but because of the values and skills that they could get out of their experiences.

Postscript: This post provides some useful ideas.