#Change11 My blog roll on a Page

Here is the blog roll on a page.

This year 2011 in review, about Bloggers whom I know:

Stephen shared his valuable experience on blogging here, which is enlightening. George provided wonderful insights through his blog and the one on Connectivism.  Dave’s posts on rhizomatic learning are refreshing. Steve has encouraged more teachers to blog through his compelling post.  Nancy White shared her social artistry here with lots of wonderful experience.  Jim Groom shared some of the most wonderful posts and artifacts here.  David Wiley on Open education is fantastic.  Jenny has posted many thoughts provoking posts throughout the Change11, and this Selfish blogger is an eye opener for me.

You would surely won’t like to miss: Alec CourosMartin WellerTony BatesDave SnowdenGraham AttwellRoy WilliamsFrances BellMatthias Melcher,  Rita KopZaidLearnNellie Deutsch

There are many prominent bloggers here: Jane HartJay CrossClark QuinnHarold Jarche.

Here on Change11 Facilitators

Zoraini Wati Abas

Martin Weller

Allison Littlejohn

David Wiley

Tony Bates

Rory McGreal

Nancy White

Dave Cormier

Erik Duval

Jon Dron

Clark Aldrich

Clark Quinn

Jan Herrington

Howard Rheingold

Valerie Irvine and Jillianne Code

Dave Snowden

Rich DeMillo

Ashwin Ram & Mike McCracken

Kathleen Matheos

Pierre Levy

Caroline Haythornthwaite

Geetha Narayanan

Stephen Downes

Grainne Conole

Alejandro Piscitelli

Rosa A. Ojeda Ayala

Tony Hirst

Alec Couros

Marti Cleveland – Innes

Diana Laurillard

George Siemens

George Veletsianos

Bonnie Stewart

Terry Anderson

Here on PLENK2010 Facilitators

Open/Online/Distance Education

Terry Anderson

Tony Bates

David Wiley

Alec Couros

Grainne Conole

Kurt Bonk

On Communities of Practice

Etienne Wenger

Jean Lave

On Social Media

Henry Jenkins

Howard Rheingold

Jay Cross

Jane Hart

Harold Jarche

Clark Quinn

Will Richardson

Clive Shepherd

Tony Karrer

Nancy White

Here is a list of Workplace Learning Professionals

Here is a list of favourites from Heli in PLENK2010:

Alan Cooper blog a careful and honest thinker

Barbara Fillip blog I recognize something of myself here or did I imagine?

Chris Jobling blog – Fresh and crispy! I love the heading

Chris Saeger blog with a beautiful Plenk heading

Maria Fernanda Arenas blog – she participated CritLit

Lindsay Jordan blog – University of the Arts London

Sean Fitzgerald  blog -MOOC is like dining at a banquet (post 18.9.)

Martin Weller blog

Steve MacKenzie blog -CritLit

Steve Wheeler blog

Niklas Karlsson blog from Sweden

Linn Gustavsson blog from Sweden

John King blog – Just retired and still a student

Roland Legrand blog

Zaid Ali Alsagoff blog

Jarmo Talvivaara blog

Mc Morgan blog

Mohsen Saadatmand blog – a researcher in Helsink

Thanks to Heli for her precious sharing of the above links to participants.

My favourites here (MOOCs):

Roy Williams

Jenny Mackness

Matthias Melcher

Ken Anderson

Lisa Lane

Nicola Avery

Mary Rearick


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