Who is Data? King or Servant?

Stephen Downes The saying should be, “data is king”. Not content, not objects, not things. Because those are macro, data is micro, and hence can be remixed (Stephen’s posting on Facebook)

Here is my response:
Data is micro, and can be remixed. Agreed.

How about you (the networker & actor) as the “king”, as a “human”, as a “customer” when you are served or connected by others, as a prominent cyber citizen (for Stephen) or “node” to connect or to be connected to the other nodes (networkers, actors), artifacts or networks. You use the data as the “servant”, “remix or add value to the servant” and post them via your posts in OLDaily. Others post data/content (servants) onto their blogs, FB, or twitters, YouTube, websites, or newspapers etc. Others are connected to you via your “servants”.

Data are resided on the nodes, and could be transmitted through the connections. That’s why we have the “server” in the internet, as a connector and servant.  The server transmits and receives the data (servant) to serve you (the king).

So will data be servant, and will you (as a networker) be the king?

Judy posted here: Content used to be King – The Semantic Web in Education.

Content used to be the King, but not now.  It’s you who become the King.  You decide on the content (& data) – what you want, when you want it, how you want it, where you want it, who you want it from or with, and why you want it, when constructing and traversing the networks (internet, mobile networks, or networks of communities) in digital learning. And knowledge is distributed throughout these networks, as explained under ConnectivismData and content included in posts, news, artifacts are servants (media) that we all use.

Thanks Stephen for your thought-provoking post.