Telling experts from novices and spammers

Here is an interesting paper on Telling experts from novices and spammers.

See this making of an expert:

It takes time to become an expert. Even the most gifted performers need a minimum of ten years of intense training before they win international competitions.

May be MOOCs are still too new to professors and experts.  So, to become an expert in MOOCs, one needs to practice, practice and practice. Right?


CCK09-Are you an expert blogger or forum poster?

What are the secrets of an expert blogger or forum poster? 

Here are my observations:

1. Avoid sound like an expert.   Being an expert prevents people from really interacting with you. They don’t tell you anything. They just ask questions and wait for you to respond.

2. Don’t write too much. Use short sentences. Leave some sentences incomplete….

3. Let your audience/reader takes a turn. You take a turn and let others take turns. Avoid domination.

4. Silence is golden.  Be strategically silent and wait until other people say/write/email something before you respond.

5. Encourage others to participate or interact. Offer a choice, make a statement, and ask your reader a question.

6. Your reader is important.  Think about a topic that interests your reader. A diary and a blog post is for you. Don’t expect everyone who reads to respond. Thank your reader for a response or comment.

7. Be yourself.  Avoid patronizing, but respect your readers, even if they are different from your views. Show your integrity in your writing and responses. Show a photo, so others know how you look like.

8. Your secrets of success: Would you mind sharing them with me?