Fans or friends on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter or Blogs

Which one would you prefer – Friends or Fans in social media such as Facebook?
This is my response to Jane Hart to her interesting post on Friends or Fans.
Would this depend on the level of “professionalism” & “friendship” one wants to have with “friends” on FB? I think we are interested in connecting “personally” and “professionally” to a certain degree, depending on ones needs, but would still like to preserve our personal autonomy, especially for most professionals. If we are openly sharing our “public & professional” and “private” life and taste with others here, with you, Jane, for instance, then I think we would be connected more strongly as “friends” rather than “fans”. In social networks, I think the “influence” of a “leader” could exercise would be much more important than the “power” one could have in their professional working life. And that make social networking more attractive and rewarding.
Would being ‘friends” make us more approachable, and “friendly” to share and learn with and from? A big smile, a hug, and a compassionate gesture would pull us closer together in the community, be it FB, or twitter, or blogs, IMHO. So, being professional could also be personal – the EQ embraced in social networking, and we would treat each other with respect (again my assumptions here).
What do you think?