#Change11 How to improve connectivity in MOOC through tools and media

gRSShoppers and RSS, email subscription, Scoop, etc. could be used for aggregation & curation, though commenting and pingback could still be difficult to trace, unless you use subscription and other tools.  As Alan said, one size doesn’t suit all, and so even interconnected massive links, with conversation still doesn’t mean that people would be able to “grow” and “prune” the network, unless there are means of “sorting” out the ones that are valuable from the “distraction”.  Is massive adding enough value to diversity, autonomy, and openness?  Would this depend on what one wants to achieve, again from MOOC? Fragmentation of information could be remedied by the tools, but pattern recognition of massive data and information relies also on the digital literacies and critical thinking skills of the networkers, with PLE/PLN.  So, MOOC may be a platform for testing out the practical use and limitations of those tools – gRSShoppers, Moodle and LMS (like FB).  May be Moodle could still be useful for novices, when the learners prefer more guidance and curation by others.  I was about to post this, when I just came across George’s post.

Here George just posted on what may be useful tools to be developed to improve connectivity.  I don’t think I have the time to work on those tools development, and that really depends on whether you want to use it in your online course like MOOC or not.