#Change11 #CCK12 What can educators learn from students, colleagues and workers?

I found this video interesting, as posted by Nancy.

I watched this months ago, and I thought it challenges us to re-think about how we teach, and how our students learn.

I tend to believe that students do have certain preference in their learning, especially for the teenagers and adults.  However, they may still be expected to perform to the standards stipulated in standardized curriculum.

Most  “digital youths, natives, digital visitors and residents” have certain learning practices and expectations that are unlike “our good days of learning”.

There are fundamental challenging question for educators:

1. What should be the roles of educators in the education and learning process (or journey)?   Should educators shape, or adapt, or to conform with the education system?  What are the merits and demerits in shaping, adapting and conforming to the education system?

2. What should be changed to support and help both educators and learners to learn, strategically, operationally, and tactically?

3. How would educators adopt technology in enhancing educational and learning experience in an open learning platform and environment?

4. What can educators learn from students, colleagues and workers?

Postscript: This video sounds interesting and it relates to the role of the teachers   using technology in a classroom environment in schools.