CCK09-What is new about Connectivism (rev1) 2009?

In The Recognition Factor by Stephen Downes

Knowledge is like recognition

Learning is like perception

the acquisition of new patterns of connectivity through experience

























Connectivism is new in that it is:

about the distribution of knowledge in the network and oneself (including our brain – your and my brain), and the solution lies in one’s brain. All problems and solutions are there in the brain – your brain if you want to solve the problem, and my brain if it is my problem and solution.  And what connectivism differs from other learning theories is that we could connect one’s brain to others’ “brains” that will lead to continuously improved and innovative solutions for me and the network in this digital age – networks including yourself with collective wisdom with emergent knowledge. 

This relates back to what connectivism is: Knowledge distributed, learning as networked process (i.e. forming connections), principles form base of all design.  And the three levels: Neural, Conceptual and External (people, information sources etc. (Siemens, 2008)



about choices:  The focus is on choice of connections and the network process, rather than just the outcome.  A person could choose amongst the connections and networks to suit and improve his or her learning.  See multiple choice in the other post in

about and around the learner: education, learning is now related back to the learner, with teaching and/or facilitating as a support and network, technology as enabler.  You may even claim it as a wholely learner-centred approach to learning.  And the best way to learn relates back to the learner – individualised learning based on learning styles, intelligences (the mulitiple intelligences one has) and connections – network associated with, and his/her choice of support and technology.


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  2. Dear John Mak, I’m going to borrow your picture “network spheres” in my blog, if you don’t mind

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