Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: What is it? Why is it so important? What are the implications?

I enjoyed reading this Emotional Intelligence and Business Success available here.  Thanks to efrosyni77 on Twitter for the link.

I found the results useful:

“The results of this study indicate that companies should place greater emphasis on developing the attributes of emotionality (capacity for relationship skills, empathy, emotional perception and expression) and self-control (capacity for controlling emotions, urges, and managing stress) when hiring new managers or promoting persons to higher positions of leadership in the organization.”

This also reflects the importance of developing Emotional Intelligence among educators and learners, and the feeling, perceptions and emotions whilst learning in social networks.

How does emotional intelligence relate to the divided brain?  Is emotional intelligence still a myth in neuroscience?  Would emotional intelligence require both sides of the brain to function well?

Not sure if these are of interests to our fellow MOOC Changers.

Would emotional intelligence lead people to become smarter, wiser?   May be, in accordance to the research findings.  But again, there are still many assumptions here, when the definition of what Emotional Intelligence is is still emerging at this digital age.  How does emotional intelligence impact on educational leadership?


11 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence

  1. Another of your postings which I have enjoyed reading and reflecting on 🙂

    As to your question on emotional intelligence and educational leadership,perhaps the answer lies in the ability to connect to others, to understand, to empathize. There can be no leadership without being able to connect to others – whether students, colleagues or those who one is supposed to “lead”.

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