Role of teacher (A to Z)

The role of the teacher could be (a to z):

(a) as an assessor (especially in the recognition of prior learning, and recognition of current competency)

(b) as a bright philosopher (an expert in philosophy or in one of its branches, who searches by logical reasoning, for understanding of the basic truths and principles of the universe, life, and morals, and of human perception and understanding of these) – George, Stephen, Dave, Anthony, Nancy……

(c) as a consultant or advisor to industry, or consultant or coach on auspicing

(d) as a course or curriculum designer/reviewer

(e) as an expert (or e-expert)

(f) as a facilitator (facilitation of discussions and learning activities)

(g) as a gardener (as mentioned by Lisa), guardian angel (Maru)  

(h)smile as an hononary advisor (in case of research projects)

(i) as an education and learning innovator

(j) as an (joint) examiner or moderator (to other institutions, universities)

(k) as a gate keeper

(l) as a learning team leader/facilitator/supervisor (whereas a learning team consists of the learner(s), the supervisor, a mentor, and the teacher/leader, librarian)

(m) as a manager/administrator (self learning manager and network administrator)

(n) as a course or network leader

(o) as a student counsellor/carer

(p) as a learning partner (similar to the co-learner) in this course Ariel, Bob, Carlos, Dave, Frances, Jenny, Keith, Ken, Lee, Lisa, Mark, Maru, Pat, Renee, Roy, Tom, etc. Sorry that I couldn’t list everyone, but you are definitely here.

(q) as a curator (pronounced with q..)(as mentioned by Lisa)

(r) as a researcher/research leader (this may be one of the most important roles of University professors or lecturers)

(s) as an e-learning or project or subject coordinator/developer (wiki, edublogs)

(t)  as a trainer, tutor/learning supporter or guide (like a tourist guide)

(u) (you) as a challenger (weight loss education program etc), Alec, Ariel, Frances, Jenny, Ken, Dave, George Siemens, Maru, Stephen Downes, Pat, Tom, etc.

(v) (we) as a change agent (Nancy White, Stephen Downes, George Siemens etc.)

(w) as a wizard (or better a magician) (as mentioned by Lisa), and a weaver (mentioned by Lisa) – Frances, Tom, Mark, and George and Stephen

(x) as a x-man or x-woman (who could transform the education) (George, Stephen, Lisa, Frances and you?)

(y)[[yes]] as a why-why questioner (always ask why?)

(z) as a mentor/coach (especially for trainees and apprentice or interns, whereas the supervisor or an experienced expert/head teacher would be a mentor/coach)

(zz) as a lecturer (as typical in giving lectures in those conferences or university courses)

 or as a ________ ( you name it)

7 thoughts on “Role of teacher (A to Z)

  1. This is fun to read John. Some of the letters must have been difficult. I think your solution for ‘y’ is great!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I am thinking about a research and discussion on
    Education and learning (special focus on connectivism) with reference to:
    (a) role of educators (especially in the e-learning and mass open on-line courses or blended learning courses)
    (b) role and expectations of learners (21st century)
    (c) how the role of educators match those of the learners
    (d) what are the critical success factors in those courses mentioned
    (e) a comparison of the critical success factors
    (f) discussion
    (h) recommendations
    (i) peer review
    I am thinking about the use of wiki and a network approach to such research, and would like to learn from others what people think. There are many wikis that could be used like the edublog, CCK08 wiki and community of practice wiki or a customised wiki.
    What is your opinion on this? Do you think any of our co-learners be interested in this (as a pilot)?
    Each of “us” could be a moderator in any of the topics.

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