Networks for learning and communities of practices

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In this paper on Networks for learning and communities of practices, the authors say: Communities of practice and networks for learning are part of the same continuum with varying degrees of formality, ranging from informal communities of practice to highly formal networks for learning.
Both networks for learning and communities of practice are founded on conceptions of social learning (p11).
As this paper was written in 2005, what I found in networks and COPs nowadays could be significantly different from that in the early 2000s.
I also found the concept of networked learning that I learnt through Connectivism differs significantly from that mentioned in the paper (which seems to focus more on the networks for learning in an institutional setting mainly).
1. What are the similarities and differences of networks for learning and communities of practice nowadays?
2. How do you view networks and COPs for learning?
3. What are your experiences with networked learning (in learning networks and COPs)?
4. Which one would you prefer? Why?

Here is another paper on Communities of Practices
A slideshare on theory and methodology in networked learning by Grainne Conole

Comments, Criticisms, Control and Judgment in online conversation

This is my first visit to Viki’s blog.  Great to learn about your 12 healthy habits.  About criticisms: may I share this with you? It is not about us, it is mostly about how people perceived us.  So, I agree with Vicki’s views, and I don’t take it personally. I also mentioned to my “learners”: there are 3 Cs and 1 J that are both life savers and killers of life: comments, criticisms, control and judgment in this world, that may help us to fight or flight, in response to crisis and dangerous situation.  In the blogging world, I don’t think we could “escape” from the 3 Cs and 1 J, and even more when it comes to virtual or face-to-face presentation.  Beauty is judged from the audience’s perception, as any beauty contest will reveal the same pattern of judgment, how does it sound?
Finally, I like your 12 habits.  I admit that I might be spending more hours in this “healthy” blogging than I used to, and so it gives me excuse to conduct more researches in other areas…
How would you spare your other time: gymnastics, sports, dancing, reading, chatting, fighting?